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 Fence Slats is your personal source to a variety of colors and styles in chain link fence privacy slats. Each package of our fence slats will cover 10' of your existing chain link fence. Heights available : 3', 4', 5', 6', 7', 8', 10', and 12' .

#1 choice 5 Star Rating

#2 choice 4 Star Rating

Most cost effective, EZ to install.

Best privacy! But tricky to install.


EZ Slats 80% coverage Ultimate Slat 95% coverage

#3 choice 4 Star Rating

#4 choice 3.5 Star Rating

Track installation top or bottom.

Not as much privacy! EZ to install.

Econolink 80% coverage Bottomlock 75% coverage

#5 choice 4.5 Star Rating #6 choice 3.5 Star Rating
Harder to install self locking. EZ to install self locking.
Winged Slats 90% coverage Feather lock 75% coverage

#7 choice 3.5 Star Rating #8 choice 3 Star Rating
EZ to install but not cost effective. A much different installation.
Hedgelink 90% coverage Aluminum Slats

#9 choice 3.5 Star Rating  4 Star Rating
Lacks privacy same as Bottomlock  Nice finished look.
Option Lock 75% coverage Top Cap

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